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roofing sheets direct

1) Galvanised Steel Coils

It all starts with our galvanised steel coils which then go through our box profile corrugating machine which creates the sheets shape.

roofing sheets direct

2) Corrugating Machine

Once the sheets have gone through the corrugating profile machine by our specialist team they then end up like the picture.

roofing sheets direct

3) Quality check

At last but not least the team go through a quality check process to make sure they are up to our standards.

Who We Are

We are a leading Box Profile and Corrugated Roofing Sheet company based in Point of Ayr, North Wales.

Our Mission

We offer customers an environmentally sound solution for covering roofs in all colours and sizes.

Our Vision

Our newly refurbished processing facility is specially equipped to create your very own size or coloured roofing sheets!

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